Morning thoughts

I’m standing at the corner of the street waiting for the bus that’s yet again late. I could have biked in today. Should have biked in today. But I’m so very sore from Saturday’s workout. One more day of rest won’t hurt, right?

So I’m doing an experiment in my head. I’m facing counter traffic and watching the driver of every car that comes by. Not a single woman turns her head to give me a lingering look. And almost all males do. Why is that?

Across the street, someone spray painter the work QAKKKER on a power pole. Right above that, someone stapled a shoe to the pole. I find our desire to mark things quite interesting. We’re so much like the rest of the mammals on earth. But instead of peeing on things to mark them, we staple shoes to them. And we do it out of instinct too, just like animals. Though ours isn’t a survival instinct, it’s a vanity instinct. “I’ve been here, I’ve done this, and I’m going to brag to all of my friends about this” is what that shoe says to me.

I wonder what other people are thinking about. The ones standing next to me at the stop. Are they wondering about the shoe too? Or are they caught up in personal thoughts? What to make for dinner? The game or show they watched last night? Or maybe politics?

Do people actually think about politics without being prompted? I read news articles and see posts on Facebook that trigger thoughts. But I don’t think I’ve ever thought about politics of my own accord. What’s there to think about? It’s a screwed up system. Things are either black or white. Not very realistic.

On the bus. It’s funny how people don’t want someone to sit next to them. They look out the window, pretending you don’t exist. Maybe if they don’t make eye contact, you won’t sit there.

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